Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mother Earth and Father Time

Once again, another older piece that I am just getting around to putting up on the site. This one actually has a clever title, however I don't remember where I wrote it down at. I will look for that at a later date.

I rarely edge toward a political statement with my work, but lean more toward personal or emotional works. I took inspiration from Surrealist landscapes and themes. It shows Mother Earth turning her back on today's society. She holds the fetus out from her body, showing her detachment from what would normally be carried naturally and lovingly in her womb. Father Time consoles her, though death is immanent. She looks off to a sunset of a desolate world of all that's been ruined, barren of all that she used to conceive and nurture. The key to life remains, entwined with the sands of time and tree of life.

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