Thursday, March 24, 2011


Last nights progress. My Lioness is coming together. This is where I stopped after I found the opossum in my studio.


  1. amazing technique . cant wait to see the finished piece. how does the pencil go on to the back ground? is the back ground shiney of do you matify it with gesso. im intrigued!

  2. Thank you! The pencil goes on at hit or miss most of the time (mostly because I use different sources of magazines and because I wrinkle them before I glue them on. The background isn't really shiny, just light colored papers that have been treated with never dull which muddys the inks some. I haven't coated the paper with any medium yet because it is hard to get the pencils to work once that has been done. I will try to upload images of what she looks like now very soon.